Venice, Italy

August 14, 2008 at 3:34 pm Leave a comment

Venice (Italian: Venezia) was one of the most memorable trips we took while I was in Italy. It was a crazy weekend, starting off with a random trip to Vicenza, driving to Milan for the night to go to a club, driving back to Vicenza, speeding to the train station last minute, running for the LAST train of the night to Venice, and just barely making it as the doors were closing, without buying tickets. Luckily, we had gotten on the right train, and the conductor never checked for tickets. An hour later, we were in Venice.

I remember getting off the train, looking down on the ground, and saying to my friend “aw, it’s raining here!” No, it wasn’t raining; I was just seeing the reflection of the night sky in the waterway streets. We found our hotel, found our friends, bought traditional Carnival masks, and went and celebrated Carnival with the locals and visitors from all around the world. The next day we walked all around the city, which was packed with tourists, people wearing masks, and people wearing full masquerade gear from head to toe. There were jesters, and women in huge dresses, and people on stilts, all wearing glittered, feathered, masks. St. Mark’s square was packed!
I’ve always loved Venice because of the great experiences I had there, and for what a beautiful city it is. When I paint it, I try to tie in the fun, bright colors of Carnival that is celebrated there one week a year, but really lives there all year long.

These two paintings below are both of the waterway streets in Venice. Both of them were painted from pictures that I took while I was there. One of my favorite things to do, is add unexpected colors to objects, for example, the houses in these paintings. The bright accents of purple, yellow, blue, and every other color, really makes everything a lot more fun, and that’s what I think of when I think of Venice.


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