Still life paintings and more!

October 17, 2008 at 3:26 am Leave a comment

FREEZE!  Don’t move!  This week’s topic is still life paintings.

Ok, you can move now.

For something so static, I really like still life paintings.  You can take just a few objects and arrange them in so many different ways, and look at them from so many different angles, that your options are literally endless.

While at the Met in NYC this weekend, I spent some time looking a Van Gogh’s beautiful flower paintings and Cezanne’s still life paintings.  I like how it gives the artist a chance to zoom in and focus on the particulars of a subject, the curves of an apple, the bright streaks of color in a flower petal.  My favorite Van Gogh still life is Oleanders Hands down.   The internet does it no justice, the background is a rich lime green and the brushstrokes in the flowers are amazingly detailed.

Another way to look at still life’s is to think that most of the print advertising we look at, is exactly that.  Here’s Sivan Lewin, a professional still life photographer who has several corporate advertising clients.    One of my favorite still life shots is this.. tons of teapots and cups on soft mint green shelves.

Another take on still life, and probably one of the most original ones I have ever seen, is from Beth Lipman, who reinterprets classical still life paintings by using carefully crafted glass shapes to make the arrangements.
Look around and find beautiful still life’s in your own life!  Bright coffeecups in a row?  A pretty plat in the window.  It all could be art.

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