Wants for Sale

October 23, 2008 at 1:31 am Leave a comment

I want it!

Thanks to a tip from a friend, I just came across what might be the best art selling idea ever. Paint what you want, and sell the painting for the price of the item to get it. Justin Gignac and Christine Santora, art directors from New York (yay advertising!) have started their own painting-selling business with this concept. For example, they will do paintings of slices of pizza and sell them for $3, or do a picture of a fancy restaurant and sell it for $152. Their website and business has been doing extraordinarily well, and they’ve branched out to have their wants include more experiences, like a trip to Las Vegas for $201.40 and to see Showgirls for $200.00. They’ve also created a website called NeedsForSale.com where the paintings range from $100 to $500 and the proceeds are donated to the charity depicted in the painting (example: a wig for Locks of Love).

Look through their Flickr site, they’ve painted and received lots of great stuff, and give the buyer a shout-out and take a photo of the purchase/experience!

Right about now I could paint an ice cream and a Phillies World Series Win. What do you think; you buyin?


Source: wantsforsale.com



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Philadelphia World Series! Phillies World Series

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