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November 19, 2008 at 1:01 am Leave a comment

It truly is the era of sustainability and the environment. No longer just an afterthought, people are starting to think of the environment first when making purchasing decisions, and some of the largest environmental decisions we make are for the spaces we live in. Our homes and lifestyles can bring up major decisions such as choosing our energy sources, and purchasing a hybrid car, to minor choices that make an impact, such as compact fluorescent light bulbs and recycling cans, milk jugs, and newspapers.

The people at the Big Green Earth Store, located in Old City, Philadelphia, are experts in the eco business! They have everything from organic, safe household cleansers to solar-powered gadget-charging backpacks! Everything sold in the store must be up to certain environmental standards. My art is featured in the store because it is produced locally and does not require several hundred shipping miles, which would add up in vehicle pollution.  The Big Green Earth Store and it’s employees were featured on MSNBC this week, and were nationally recognized for their enthusiasm and impact in the green movement.  Congrats!!

On another note, I’m running the Philadelphia Marathon this weekend.  Eek!  It’ll be my 4th marathon, but there’s always those pre-race jitters no matter how many you’ve done.  If you live in the Philadelphia area or will be in town this weekend, you should definitely try to stop by an area the race passes by (shouldn’t be hard to find, 26.2 miles!) and see it.  It’s really a moving experience.

Here are some eco-friendly floral paintings for you to enjoy.  Remember even the smallest thing, like recycling paper, makes a difference to the environment!



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Another Successful First Friday! Happy Thanksgiving!

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